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SXSW Track Speaker Company Title
VR/AR/MR Mike Jarrell, Usman Mir, Lou Pushelberg Circuit Stream Chalk Talk: Developing for VR, AR & MR Group 1
VR/AR/MR Mike Jarrell, Usman Mir, Lou Pushelberg Circuit Stream Chalk Talk: Developing for VR, AR & MR Group 2
Social & Global Impact Alaa Murabit United Nations The Economics of Equality
Making & Marketing Music Alain Dagher Montreal University Where Does Creativity Come From?
Music Industry & Culture Amy Terrill Music Canada Passport to Music Cities: Music Tourism
VR/AR/MR Andrew MacDonald Cream VR Expeditions Into the Uncanny Valley
Film & TV Industry Andria Wilson Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival We're Here, We're Queer & Changing the Film World
Cannabusiness Anne Forkutza Cova Exploring the Future of Dispensaries
Intelligence Future Ashley Casovan Government of Canada Bias in, Bias Out: Building Better AI
Special Event Avni Patel Thompson Poppy Growing Companies While Growing Humans
Social & Global Impact Carey Nieuwhof Carey Nieuwhof Communications, Ltd. The 7 Success Killers Even Top Leaders Miss
Social & Global Impact Carleen Pickard Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Business & Social Justice in the Trump Era
VR/AR/MR Chris Bobotis Adobe Immersive Tech: Hold On, Things Are Getting Real
Design Clarissa Peterson Clarissa Peterson Code Is Not Neutral: Ethics of Creating Software
Food Darren Anderson, Ph.D. Vive Crop Protection Ag Tech Shaping the Future of Farming
Music Industry & Culture Darryl Ballantyne LyricFind Music Publishing Meet Up
Experiential Storytelling Diane Quinn Cirque du Soleil Defining Awe: The Science Behind Cirque du Soleil
Blockchain & Cryptocurreny Shirley Dieter Dapper / CryptoKitties CryptoKitties: Craze, Community, and What's Next
Style & Retail Dr. Chantelle D. Murnaghan, PhD Lululemon The Future of Performance Apparel
VR/AR/MR Dr. Helen Papagiannis Augmented Stories Inc. Augmented Reality: Amplifying Human Intelligence
Style & Retail Elizabeth Stefanka Stefanka Hype or Reality? Sustainability in Fashion
Tech Industry & Enterprise Jean-François Gagné Element AI Dear Gov't: Regulate Us! Sincerely, AI Industry
Game Design & Development Jeff Vanelle BioWare The Technical Art of BioWare's Anthem
Health & MedTech Jennifer Gardy School of Population and Public Health, University of British Columbia Big Data + Genomics = Earlier Disease Detection
Future Workplace Jennifer Jackson Capital One Take Control of Your Career Through Self-advocacy
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency John Lyotier RightMesh Combating Global Poverty on the Blockchain
Entrepreneurship & Startups Jordan Jocius Rebels of Design Inc. Canada Meet Up
Future Workplace Julie Hubert Workland HR to Bots: Job Displacement in the Age of AI
Design Lana Sutherland Tealeaves The Language of Aroma: Designing for Inclusivity
Entrepreneurship & Startups Laura Kilcrease Alberta Innovates SXSW Pitch: Hyper-Connected Communities Technology
Making Film & Episodics Lola Landekic Art of the Title Designing Binge-Worthy Title Sequences for TV
Entrepreneurship & Startups Manny Padda New Avenue Capital SXSW Pitch: Blockchain Technology
Future Workplace Manpreet Dhillon Veza Women of Color & Leadership: Overcome Culture Bias Meet Up
Touring & Live Experience Michael McCarty SOCAN Unclaimed: Get Your Live Performance Royalties
Music Industry & Culture Nardwuar Nardwuar The Human Serviette Nardwuar’s Video Vault
Media & Journalism Nathan Griffiths Freelance Immersive Journalism: Any Future?
Social & Global Impact Neil Pasricha The Book of Awesome Featured Session: Building Trust in Distrustful Times
Making & Marketing Music Ola Kowalewski Ola Labs SETI, Earthling & the Collective Musical Voice
Making & Marketing Music Pablo Samuel Castro Google Where Does Creativity Come From?
Making & Marketing Music Pascal Pilon LANDR The Impact of AI on Music Creation
Music Industry & Culture Raquel Mann Edmonton Public Library Public Libraries: Your New Source for Local Music
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Roham Gharegozlou Axiom Zen and CryptoKitties CryptoKitties: Craze, Community, and What's Next
VR/AR/MR Ryan Andal Secret Location Blockchain is Shaping the Future of Content
Cannabusiness Sarah Hanlon What Are You Smoking?
Making & Marketing Music Shane Gill BroadbandTV Corp Hip Hop Goes Indie: Distribution to Promotion
Future Workplace Shane Vitaly Foran Vitaly Design Ltd. Remote Entrepreneurship in the Digital World
Social & Global Impact Shaun Frankson The Plastic Bank Solving Humanitarian Issues Through Blockchain
Film & TV Industry Sophie Ferron Media Ranch Round Tables: Sales, Acquisitions, and Distribution
Touring & Live Experience Shawn Wilson Muzooka Unclaimed: Get Your Live Performance Royalties
Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Stephen Ibaraki REDDS Capital/Venture Investment Partners Around the (Global) Block – Blockchain for Impact
Cities, Government & Politics Stephen MacKenzie Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation Robot Xing: Border Security in the Age of Autonomy
VR/AR/MR Travis Wu LumiereVR VR Content Distribution In East and West
Cannabusiness Bruce Linton Canopy Growth The Global Cannabis Industry Explosion: Can U.S. Entrepreneurs Ride the Wave?
Intelligent Future Hannah Le The Knowledge Society (TKS) Reversing Aging with CRISPR-Cas
Music Industry & Culture Kate Cooper Shutterstock Money Talks: Return of the Middle-Class Musician
Style & Retail Kerry Liu Rubikloud Technologies Inc. The Future of Supermarkets and Retail
Intelligent Future Samarth Athreya The Knowledge Society (TKS) Going Small To Make Big Change: Future Of Nanotech
Intelligent Future Shalev Lifshitz The Knowledge Society (TKS) Reforming Civilization With AI
Film & TV Industry Sophie Ferron Media Ranch Round Tables: Sales, Acquisitions, and Distribution
Intelligent Future Tommy Moffat The Knowledge Society (TKS) Transforming Civilization With Quantum Computing
Cities, Government & Politics Robert Beaudry City of Montréal Survival of the Fittest: Mobility in Cities
Tech Industry & Enterprise John Tory City of Toronto Toronto’s Tech Sector: Not Just Bros and IPOs

Canadian Mentors

Jeff Beaulieu Hopeful Tragedy Records Mentor
Cara Gresser Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Mentor
Philip Kalin-Hajdu Media Ranch Producers Mentor
Brontë Jane Third Side Music Mentor
Laura Mingail Entertainment One Mentor
Matt Orenstein ABMO Films Sales, Acquisitions and Distribution Mentor
Jameson Parker Brightlight Pictures Producers Mentor
Curtis Woloschuk Vancouver International Film Festival Programming Mentor
Melissa Woods Third Side Music Mentor