Heading to MIPJunior and MIPCOM? With these back-to-back entertainment content markets taking place in Cannes, France, from October 12 to 13 and 14 to 17, respectively, the countdown is on! And Canada will be there with some awesome programming and networking events to help you make your trip extra productive. With more than 80 Canadian companies attending; a focus on networking and coproduction opportunities; and storytelling that celebrates diversity, the Canada Pavilion is sure to be action-packed this year!

Here’s what we’ve got planned at MIPJunior, which focuses on kids’ programming, and at MIPCOM, considered to be the biggest entertainment market in the world:


1) Celebrating the Power and Beauty of Diversity (at MIPJunior)

In this MIPJunior showcase presented by Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund, this event features four speakers from four production companies discussing their projects, with storytelling that bridges differences and transcends barriers. Here are the speakers and their series; three animation and one live-action, which are in different stages of production:

Rezaei will speak about Bravest Knight, a 13-episode animated series that features a LGBTQ main character: a pumpkin farmer married to a prince, who teaches his daughter all about bravery. (Starring Ru Paul, Christine Baranski, Wanda Sykes, and more.)

  • Judith Beauregard, Executive Producer/Co-CEO, Tobo

Beauregard will speak about Dounia, a six-episode animated series that explores the crisis of immigration and displaced children from the eyes of a young girl named Dounia, who leaves Syria with her grandparents on a quest for asylum.

Thevenet will speak about Dreamcatchers, a 26-episode animated “eco-adventure” series that tells the tales of “a group of Indigenous kids who use their ancestral super powers to battle evil in the form of a large corporation threatening their traditional way of life.” The series features Indigenous kids and voiceover artists, Shawn Youngchief, Paula Davis, and Anne Marchand. The series is available in English, French, and Mi’kmaw.

Van Loon will speak about 13-episode live action (with animation) Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show (Loretta Todd is the series creator, producer, writer, and director). Gearing up for its third season, and with an interactive digital experience, this “science series encourages Indigenous youth to find out about the science of the world from an Indigenous perspective,” and features Indigenous youth, Elders, and scientists. The series is available in English and Hul’qumi’num.

2) Meet and Greet at MIPCOM at the Canada Pavilion

If you can’t make our MIPJunior showcase, no need to stress! Our four speakers will be back to discuss their projects once again with an international audience. As always, the Canada Pavilion is a great spot for international delegates to connect with Canadian producers.

3) Did someone say “networking?”

Yes we did! To start new business relationships and keep those networks flowing between Canadian producers, executives, and our international partners, we’ve got plenty of events and activities planned for you! Here’s the rundown:

  • Speed dating between French and Canadian women producers, organized with the collaboration of Médiaclub’Elles. (This event is supported by the Femmes d’Affaires en Commerce International d’Affaires Mondiales Canada program.) This activity is supported by the Global Affairs Canada Business Women in International Trade Program.
  • Hello, Argentina! Since we’ve got a coproduction treaty with Argentina, we’re throwing a special networking activity at MIPCOM with the support of the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA). After all, Canada loves coproduction, and we’ve got treaties with almost 60 countries and counting. Want more info? Here are 8 reasons to coproduce with Canada.
  • We’ve also got a networking activity planned with Creative Europe, with a focus on our treaty/incentives partners Luxembourg and Belgium (whose treaty now includes television). Telefilm and the Canada Media Fund will be there to talk treaties and facilitate networking among producers.

Psst – All events are presented by Telefilm Canada and the Canada Media Fund.

See you at the Canada Pavilion! For updates, information, and all you need to know, check back in here!