Social media alert! To better meet the needs of our clients and communicate with our industry partners, RDV Canada is now on China’s popular social media platforms, WeChat and Weibo.

With China on the list of 55 countries (and counting!) with whom Canada has an official audiovisual coproduction treaty or agreement, our social media presence in this important market is one of the many innovative ways in which we keep promoting, expanding, and growing Canada’s screen industry!

The WeChat and Weibo social media platforms are huge in China, where most mainstream international social media platforms are not permitted. We’re excited to make the most of our new social media presence there and complement our participation at festivals and other industry events. For instance, at Hong Kong FILMART (March 19 to 22, 2018) we will have a Perspective Canada market screening: a curated program of Canadian genre films screening at FILMART, financed by Telefilm.

We always love bringing that Canadian innovation to different markets in order to build relationships and creative business opportunities, and share Canada’s movie-making talent all around this world of ours! 

Here’s where to find us, eh: