Canada is thrilled to welcome the 151st meeting of Eurimages, the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe, to Montréal from June 18 to 22.


Did you know that in 2017, Canada became the first non-European country to join Eurimages? Coproduction is part of Canada’s DNA and we have a global reputation as a true partner of choice. We love coproducing with other countries and encouraging foreign producers to partner with us.

Why is being part of Eurimages such an asset to Canada’s audiovisual talent and industry? Being a member of Eurimages helps bring unparalleled business and creative opportunities to our homegrown filmmakers by facilitating access to funding, partnerships, and the chance to export our films all around the world.

Eurimages aims to support coproductions between member countries, and contributes roughly $32 million to about 70 cinematographic projects each year. Already, being the 38th member country of Eurimages is working out pretty well for Canada and our coproduction partners! In 2017, seven Canadian projects were selected for financing, for a total of $3.4 million.


  • Samara Chadwick’s 1999 (Wish You Were Here) (Canada / Switzerland)
  • Kim Nguyen’s The Hummingbird Project (Canada / Belgium)
  • Nicole Palo’s Le suicide d’Emma Peeters (Canada / Belgium)
  • Zeresenay Mehari’s Sweetness in the Belly (Canada / Ireland)
  • Anna Falguères and John Shank’s Pompeii (Canada / Belgium / France)
  • Bent Hamer’s The Middle Man (Canada / Norway / Germany)
  • Elia Suleiman’s It Must Be Heaven (Canada / France / Germany / Turkey)

With all this in mind, you can understand why we’re proud to welcome Eurimages delegates to Canada. Even cooler is the fact that we will be hosting these representatives for the first time!  With such coproduction hits under our belts as the Oscar-nominated The Breadwinner (Canada / Ireland / Luxembourg) and Brooklyn (United Kingdom / Ireland / Canada), as well as the Oscar-winning Room (Canada / Ireland), we look forward to show our guests why Canada makes such a great coproduction partner.

Eurimages delegates, representatives from the 3 levels of government and leaders from the Canadian audiovisual industry will gather for this unique opportunity. From a welcoming cocktail to a panel discussion featuring Canadian women from diverse career and cultural backgrounds, and a special screening of the feature documentary Angry Inuk, our guests will get to see Canada’s wide-ranging creativity, expertise, and innovation.

Canada is proud to be a leader in coproduction. We work on more than 50 coproduction projects each year, for a total of $500 million annual production volume. And to ensure the smoothest sailing for all our international partners, we have more than 55 official coproduction treaties in place with countries around the world. In fact, we definitely think we can live up to our reputation!