Coproduction with Canada made even easier

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It’s no secret that Canadian coproductions often win major awards, box office success, and critical praise. If you’ve been following our thriving industry, you’re probably asking, “Hey, Canada, how can I coproduce with you?” Well, you’re in luck. We’ve whipped up a new online resource with all the info you need to make us your coproduction partner of choice!

When it comes to coproduction, there are three roads to the North:

  • Official coproductions
  • Coventures
  • Production services

Learn the ins and outs of each road, right here! You can also use our online directory to browse producers, companies, and upcoming projects to find your Canadian coproduction partner of choice. But first, some facts to whet your appetite…

  • Canada’s an international coproduction leader. It’s true! We’ve got official coproduction treaties or Memorandums of Understanding with 60 countries. We’re talking access to ongoing federal support for official coproductions, private and public discretionary funding, and access to federal and provincial tax credits, to name but a few advantages.
  • We’re pleased to offer our filmmakers all the perks that come with being a member country of Eurimages — the cultural support fund of the Council of Europe! For instance, Canadian coproductions that have recently received Eurimages funding include Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Saules aveugles, femme endormie), Tabija, and Night of the Kings (La nuit des rois).
  • Don’t forget our top-notch talent and incredible production industry. From coast to coast; from pre- to post-production, our casts, crews, and everyone in-between are at the top of their game, eh? Same goes for experts in virtual reality, animation, special effects, sound, set design, and more. (Rumour has it our landscapes and seasons are pretty spectacular, too.) Professional associations of local experts are standing by.
  • We’re committed to supporting industry-wide issues, such as gender parity and diverse representation. We’ve got public funding for projects that involve and support Indigenous, Black, and Racialized persons; women directors, producers, and writers; and emerging talent.
  • We promote the heck out of our content, and help access funding programs designed to facilitate the promotion and distribution of Canadian projects and coproductions in foreign markets.
  • There’s no doubt you’ve seen our work in action at major film and TV festivals and content markets. We love spotlighting our coproductions while helping them build long-lasting relationships with potential international partners!

So whether you’re working on a film, television, video or interactive digital media production, we’ve got you covered.

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