Telefilm Canada offers the RDVCANADA platform (hereinafter the “Platform”) so that you can create promotional cards intended for the international audiovisual industry. 

By using the services of the Platform, you agree to comply with these submission terms (hereinafter the “Submission terms“):

  1. Electronic IDs: You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and for all activities that occur in account. You must notify Telefilm Canada immediately of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account. Telefilm Canada reserves the right to deny access to the Platform, close accounts, delete, or modify the content in its sole discretion.
  2. Eligible content:

The Platform allows you to publish information about you, your projects, achievements, participation in festivals, etc. This information includes promotional material, photos, videos and text. By submitting this content on the Platform, you acknowledge and agree that it is made public on the Platform. You are solely responsible for your own content and the consequences of submitting and publishing your content on the Platform. Telefilm is not responsible for the content submitted on the Platform or the use that may be made of it by third parties.

You represent and warrant that the content you submit on the Platform meets the following conditions:

  1. You hold all the necessary rights, powers and authorizations to submit the content on the Platform and to grant the rights contemplated in these Submission terms. Such submission and granting of rights do not conflict with or infringe any other license agreements in effect regarding such content.
  2. You have obtained the consent of all the rights holders whose consent is necessary to display the content on the Platform.
  3. The content is Canadian content certified by the Canadian Audio-visual Certification Office (CAVCO) as a “Canadian film or video production” with a minimum of 8 out of 10 points under the provisions of the Income Tax Act (Canada); or is recognized as a treaty coproduction by the Minister of Canadian Heritage, meeting the industry standard requirements applicable to the type of content such as such as the Canadian Association of Broadcasters (CAB) Code of Ethics and to all other programming standards endorsed by the CAB or the CRTC.
  4. The content is posted and available on a website accessible to the public (ex: YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) at the time of submission and will remain available on the website for the duration of its presence on the Platform. * Note: Telefilm Canada does not recommend a particular site. External sites are not regulated by Telefilm Canada and we are not responsible for the content posted on these websites or links they may contain. **
  5. The content is recognized and known content, having been previously licensed to a Canadian broadcaster or distributor or otherwise made available to the general Canadian public.
  6. The content does not defame any person and does not infringe upon the copyright, moral rights, publicity rights, privacy rights, right to image or any other right of any person, or entity, or violate any law or judicial or governmental order.
  7. The content does not contain elements of excessive violence, hate propaganda, sexual violence, or sexual exploitation or elements which are obscene, indecent or child pornography with the meaning of the Criminal Code.
  1. Copyright:  By submitting the content on the Platform, you grant to Telefilm Canada, its representatives, and anyone authorized by Telefilm Canada or its representatives, the irrevocable right, authorization and permission to use, reproduce, publish, communicate and disseminate, in whole or in part, in perpetuity and throughout the world, in any form whatsoever and by any medium (including, without limitation, promotional brochures, newsletters, banners in the festivals, showreel in festivals or any promotional events organized by Telefilm Canada as part of the festivals, as well as in Telefilm Canada’s social media channels) all of the submitted content including images, texts, trailers, videos and any other material submitted, in the way that Telefilm Canada deems appropriate, to allow Telefilm Canada to promote the submitted audiovisual products. For all text submitted on the Platform, you also grant Telefilm Canada the right to modify and translate the text. You represent and warrant to Telefilm Canada that you have all rights and permissions necessary to grant rights and permissions provided for in this paragraph.
  2. Liability: You are fully responsible for your actions and omissions to the complete exoneration of Telefilm, which has no responsibility, direct or indirect, for any inaccuracy, error or omission in connection with your use of the Platform. Hereby, you release, in perpetuity, Telefilm Canada, its officers, directors, employees, independent contractors and agents from any liability with respect to all judgments, actions, causes of action, proceedings,  procedures, responsibilities, debts, claims or requests of any kind that you have had, currently have or will have in the future, for any reason arising directly or indirectly from the publication of the content on the Platform or of Telefilm Canada’s authorised use of the content you submit on the Platform;
  3. Indemnification: you hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Telefilm Canada, its officers, directors, employees, independent contractors and agents, against any losses, costs, expenses, damages, claims, actions or demands, including without limitation reasonable legal fees, arising from your access, use or submission of content on the Platform or from the authorized use by Telefilm Canada of the content you submit on the Platform.
  4. Personal information: You declare that all personal information, as defined by the Privacy Act, submitted to Telefilm Canada herein and at any time in the future is provided with the consent and knowledge of the individuals concerned.
  5. Update: You must update the content submitted via the Platform regularly.
  6. Modifications: Telefilm Canada reserves the right to change these Submission Terms at any time. By continuing to use the Platform after such changes, you accept these changes.
  7. Editing and moderation: By submitting information on the Platform, you acknowledge and agree that Telefilm Canada has the power, but not the obligation, to review any content that you submit on the Platform and edit it in its sole discretion, including correcting grammatical and typographical errors, making editorial revisions and reverting to previous versions after proposed updates have been submitted by you for posting. Telefilm Canada is not required to accept and/or display content and has exclusive and absolute discretion to choose the content to be displayed. Telefilm Canada reserves the right to delete any content submitted on the Platform upon receipt of a notification or complaint pertaining to the said content.
  8. Termination: These Submission Terms remain fully in effect during your use of the Platform. You can delete your account at any time in us sending an e-mail to and ceasing all use of the Platform. Telefilm Canada may terminate your account at any time with or without reason, with or without prior notice, and without any liability. Each statements, guarantees and commitments of indemnification contained in these Submission Terms will remain effective despite the termination of your account.