This coming January, some of Canada’s very best movies are hitting the road! First stop in 2019 will be six cities in China followed by launches in March in Mexico and the US before heading over the pond to the UK in April.

The cinematic tour is part of Telefilm’s Canada Now initiative that brings our films to audiences around the world. By showcasing a diverse selection of critically-acclaimed and award-winning films, these events in international markets are about promoting the discoverability of Canadian talent and storytelling. Canada Now also fosters building strategic business and influencer relationships with the global audiovisual industry.

In the past two years that the program has been in place and steadily growing, the series’ brought more than 25 Canadian movies – from debut features to documentaries by veteran filmmakers –  to some sixty cities throughout Mexico, the UK, China, and the US! Piqued your interest yet?

While in key cities, special industry events ranging from buyers’ screenings to networking events coincide with the Canada Now launches, Canada Now is really about partnering with local film institutions and art houses cinemas in presenting our films on the big screen, where valued audiences around the world can simply buy tickets, relax, and be entertained by some of Canada’s top cinematic stories.

Like the diverse, engaging, and entertaining homegrown industry that these films represent, Canada’s independent spirit and creative essence will be on proud display in Canada Now’s updated program for the year ahead. Details will be coming up soon, so don’t forget to keep your eyes the Canada Now Facebook page for information about the curated selection of films, cities, events, and more! It’s all part of showing the international industry that Canada is a definitely a top player, dedicated to promoting our content and increasing recognition; creating partnership opportunities for coproduction, distribution, and more; and helping our homegrown talent thrive!