February 15-25, 2018

Line-up of 17 canadian films + many events to add to your agenda!

This year once again, the Canadian selection at the Berlinale will offer wonderful discoveries and big emotions with 17 films! The diversity will be showcased in films by emerging (Fake Tattoos) and Indigenous (Three Thousand, Nuuca) filmmakers, and by the many coproductions and award-winning filmmakers present at the festival.

Rendezvous at the Canada Pavilion and take part in some of the unique and stimulating events and initiatives such as Perspective Canada, First Look, Producers Without Borders and much more!

Canada Country in Focus!

EFM will definitely have a Canadian flavour this year! We can’t wait for Canadian creators to use this global showcase to reach new audiences and create export opportunities for our industry.

To be named “Country in focus” at the 2018 EFM is an incredible honour for Telefilm Canada and for all Canadians. But it is also a real challenge! Fortunately, turning challenges into creative energy, and into original, entertaining stories, is part of our DNA.  ̶  Carolle Brabant, Executive Director, Telefilm Canada


Producers Without Borders, Co-production Market, Berlinale Talents… So many events to give you access and insight into our talent, expertise, and fascinating worlds. 

Market Screenings

Stimulating initiatives that let you discover some of Canada’s best storytellers.


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Berlin 2018

A Canadian flavour to the Berlinale 2018

Canada was on everybody’s lips this year as the Country in Focus at the 2018 European Film Market (EFM) at Berlin International Film Festival. We made the most of Canada in Focus with: A line-up of 17 Canadian films at the festival A curated  collection of 19 films (as part of Perspective Canada) A preview of 12...

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Berlin 2018

Berlin Film Review: ‘Cross My Heart’

In the case of Canadian actor and director Luc Picard’s “Cross My Heart,” a sensitive adaptation of Nicole Bélanger’s novel “Les Rois Mongols,” there are two main factors that govern the radical course taken by solemn 12-year-old Manon (Milya Corbeil-Gauvreau).



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Vice Chair of the Board

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Director, Project Financing

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Deputy Director, Coproduction Certification

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Project Leader, International Promotion

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Project Leader, International Promotion

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Officer, National and International Events Management


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