From Canada to Germany, the US and now the UK, the Rendezvous Canada iTunes store is making its way around the world, as our global audiences just can’t seem to get enough of Canadian cinema!

Our UK boutique officially launched on July 1, 2018, and we’re pretty darn excited that the cherry on top of our Canada day festivities was bringing to our UK fanbase this selection of some of Canada’s best movies! To peruse the selection of entertainment available on the new UK Rendezvous Canada iTunes store, just go ahead and change your country settings in iTunes, then go to the Rendezvous Canada collection:

To jump start your enthusiasm, you should know right off the bat that the UK boutique features some of your fave Canadian movies, from classic flicks to new hits; drama, comedy, indie, and so much more to discover. What’s extra great about this initiative is that some of Canada’s best entertainment comes right to your screen, so you can enjoy it at your leisure, whenever you feel like it.

Finally, with projects coming from all the country and exploring all kinds of genres and talent, including emerging, Indigenous, and female directors, of course, we’re super proud to point out that the new UK Rendezvous Canada iTunes store is also a great showcase for the richness and diversity of Canada’s audiovisual industry!