Canadian films continue to find fans all around the world as our ever-expanding iTunes store initiative makes waves in countries ranging from Germany to the US, and now, France! Our France-based friends can now savour some of Canada’s finest movies to their hearts’ content!

(Worry not, dear Canadians, of course the Rendezvous Canada iTunes store is open for business right here at home, too.)

Whether you fancy binge-watching your all-time favourites or discovering the work of a particular director, or actor, check out the collection in our Rendezvous Canada iTunes store! Explore the boutique’s many fantastic flicks; comedy, drama, and everything in between.

Want to know what it’s all about? Simply adjust the country setting to view the special France collection, and you’re all set!

The diversity of our country’s audiovisual industry is well represented, too, with films from all over Canada as well as titles by directors both new and iconic, Canada-France coproductions, and much, much more. (And it goes without saying that some of Canada’s French-language films just might be a natural fit for French audiences!)

Et voilà, why not discover Canadian cinema in the comfort of your own screen? Enjoy!